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Horizontal dewatering
(Dewatering Trenchers)

Dewatering equipment is used to lower the groundwater table temporarily on a controlled depth. This method is widely used in the USA and Europe on constructions sites with a high water table where a foundation or a basement of a new building has to be build, sewage and waterlines has to be installed. In Europe horizontal dewatering is used on nearly all pipeline project where gas and oil pipelines have to be installed underground. With horizontal dewatering ,in contrary to (vertical) well-pointing the drain is installed horizontal just below the area to be dewatered.

Advantages of Horizontal Dewatering:

- With horizontal dewatering the complete system is nearly underground, so excavators and other equipment can move without restrictions over the area.
- Major water savings are achieved.
- Easy Installation.


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 Installation of Horizontal Dewatering:

Installation of horizontal dewatering systems is relative easy. The Trencher installs first an unperforated pipe followed by a synthetic or organic wrapped perforated pipe. The drain length is determined by the drain diameter, soil-conditions and the water table. In general drain lengths of 50 meter is common. After installation of the drainpipe a pump is connected to the drain and water can be pumped out. After the water table has been lowered the intended construction can start. After the construction is finished the pumps are stopped and the water table will rise again.

Installation Depth:
Installation depths up to 6 meter are common. Deeper depth are feasible but relative more costly.

 2013 08 Inter Drain 3035HT







CIN: U74999PB2017PTC046489



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