Inter-Drain has a wide range of Trenchers, from mechanical to hydraulically driven chain drive used in farm drainage, de-watering and more. We focus on making the most efficient as well as the most powerful machine. The trench-depth may range from 0.2 to 6 meters and the trench-width from 0.18 to 0.6 meters. The machines are designed to achieve precision digging and performance.
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Mechanical Trenchers (T)
Inter-Dain manufactures state of the art trenchers in which the digging unit is mechanically driven. The digging chain is controlled using manual transmission which allows efficient power and torque to be transmitted to the chain depending upon the digging conditions. Click on the link below to download the brochure of Inter-Drain's Mechanical Trenchers -
Brochure: Inter-Drain Mechanical Trenchers
Hydraulic Trenchers (HT)
The hydraulic trenchers manufactured by Inter-Drain control the digging chain with one or two heavy duty radial piston hydraulic motors which gives the trencher a long life and an ability to withstand high mechanical and hydraulic shock loads. Hydraulic trenchers are used in agricultural drainage, deep drainage and pipe installation. Click on the link below to download the brochure of Inter-Drain's Hydraulic Trenchers -
Brochure: Inter-Drain Hydraulic Trenchers